About Bluewater and our team

We guarantee to save our customers money. And we're big on service too!

Since 2008, any business in Scotland can choose their water and wastewater supplier from a number of licensed retailers. The water is still supplied and treated by the wholesaler, Scottish Water, through their network of pipes, and sold on to customers by licenced suppliers like ourselves. The introduction of competition has helped to drive efficiency in the industry and provide service and cost benefits to customers.

Same water
Better Price

Further benefits of switching to Bluewater include multi-site consolidated billing and dedicated account management. When it comes to switching suppliers, it shouldn’t be complicated, and we make sure it isn’t. We have developed a streamlined transfer process to validate your supply points and ensure accurate and timely billing. It's quick and easy to change supplier, and we take care of everything. It's also a totally seamless process.

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