Rateable value charges are changing

The Scottish Government has announced that from April 2018, the water industry will move towards
using the most up-to-date Rateable Value (RV) as the basis for charging for all properties.

See what’s changing, why it's changing and how the change will affect
your monthly charges over the next two years.

Work out your Charge Glide Path

Use our simple calculator to work out your charge glide based on our Blue Supreme Tariff

What does this mean for me?

Charges for water, sewerage and drainage are payable by landlords, business owners and occupiers of all non-household properties which are connected to the mains water supply in Scotland.

Scottish Water use your property’s Rateable Value (RV) to calculate your property and roads drainage charges, and your water and waste water charges if your property doesn’t have a meter installed.

The RV currently being used to calculate your charges will be based on historic valuations, which in some cases date back to 1995.

The Glide process is done in three stages across a two year period, the below graphic explains these steps. Furthermore, not everyones RV will change, so some people may simply stay on the same RV and not go through this transition phase.

Some customers may see an increase in their charges, however, to minimise the impact this change will have on our customers, Blue Business Water have reduced the unit rate you’re charged for your new RV by approximately 18% during the transition period.

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